We are positive our selection of Fire Extinguishers will be the most convenient for all your needs, and we are always happy to share our expertise when it comes to choosing the right ones, always making sure you are in conformity with the N.F.P.A. (National Fire Protection Association). We also provide a turnkey solution, that include installation services, which are done by our qualified technicians, and include an inspection certificate and detailed list of all your fire prevention/protection equipment. We also offer refill services and hydrostatic tests on all types of fire extinguishers, and if we need to take some equipment back to our shop in order to do so, we will lend you temporary equipment. Thus equipped, you will be sure to meet all your insurance company requirements, and be assured of a complete coverage.We can also provide training on how to operate the different types of fire extinguishers your company uses, for a maximum of 12 persons per course.

ABC powder fire extinguisher
CO2 Fire extinguisher
2AC water mist extinguisher
Class K extinguisher for kitchen
30lbs class D extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher cover
Fire hose cover